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The final sprint to reach Paris.

In the waters of Europe’s most important rivers and lakes, sprint canoeists follow a centuries-old tradition of bold navigation, challenging the limits of speed and precision. 


At the 2023 European Games in Krakow, breaking (also known as breakdancing) made its continental debut. Just a few months later and 1,275 kilometers from the Polish city, in the French capital’s Place de la Concorde, breaking will make its intercontinental Olympic debut. The first ever breaking dance moves will be performed on the Olympic stage as part of this new discipline marking a historic moment in the Olympic Games. .
Krakow, the host city of the 2023 European Games, set the stage for what is now becoming an increasingly resounding song. The debut of breaking in the European Olympic sphere stirred excitement, prompting many of us to feel the rhythm, jump to our feet, and for the boldest among us, even attempt some of the dance moves showcased under the competitive spotlight. While the competition left us with unforgettable moments, it also determined the first qualifiers for Paris: B-boy Dany from France and B-girl India from the Netherlands.
Now, the final spots granting access to the dance floor in Paris are up for grabs. In the coming Olympic Qualifiers Series (OQS) in Shanghai and Budapest athletes will give their all to secure one of the coveted Olympic tickets.
From May 16th to 19th, the city of Shanghai will let the music play and athletes will dance along to showcase their skills and battle it out for a spot at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Alongside the Breaking OQS, competitions will unfold in other disciplines like Skate, BMX, and sport climbing.
During the Shanghai and Budapest OQS, up to 10 tickets per category (B-boys & B-Girls) will be distributed. Out of the 40 dancers invited per category, 18 of those participating in the B-boys category and 19 in the B-girls category are European athletes.
Among these athletes are familiar faces like the silver medalist in the previous European Games in Krakow, B-boy Menno (NED), and B-girl Stefani (UKR) and B-girl Anti (ITA), who secured silver and fourth place respectively in the previous edition of the European Games.
Can our European athletes match the rhythm that leads to Paris? Will we witness performances as awe-inspiring as those seen during the European Games last year? Only a few days remain to find out. .
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