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Triumphs at the European Games
Kraków-Małopolska 2023
Triumphs at the European Games
Kraków-Małopolska 2023

In the heart of Europe, the city of Kraków came alive with the excitement and fervour of the Kraków-Małopolska 2023 European Games. Athletes from across the continent gathered to compete in a variety of disciplines, with their eyes on an even major prize: a ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.
From the moment the torch was lit, the air was thick with anticipation. Competition was fierce in every sport, every athlete fighting for their chance to shine on the world stage in Paris. Let’s take a closer look at the achievements in each sport.
Archery saw arrows fly with pinpoint accuracy, with teams from countries such as Great Britain, Italy and Spain standing out with their impressive skills. In the women’s recurve – individual event, Great Britain’s quota was secured for the NOC by Penny Healey, while Italy earned theirs through Chiara Rebagliati on the same date. Spain secured the quota for the NOC in the recurve mixed team event, courtesy of Alvariño and Canales. For the men’s recurve – individual event, Florian Unruh secured the quota for Germany, and Dan Olaru secured it for the Republic of Moldova.
In the waters of the pool, artistic swimming captivated the public with its elegant movements. The duet from Austria left everyone speechless with their grace and perfect synchronisation. Austria’s duo of Anna-Maria and Eirini Marina Alexandri secured the quota for the NOC in the duet event.
But it was in the ring where the real action broke out. Boxing attracted crowds eager to witness the ferocity and skill of the fighters. From Spain to Ireland, every punch, every dodge, was full of determination and desire to win. In various weight categories, including women’s 50kg and 54kg, Laura Fuertes, Buse Naz Çakıroğlu, Wassila Lkhadiri, Giordana Sorrentino, Charley-Sian Ta Davison, Stanimira Petrova, Lenuta Lacramioara Perijoc, Hatice Akbas, Michaela Walsh, Svetlana Kameno Staneva, Irma Testa, Amina Zidani, Kellie Harrington, Gizem Ozer, Natalia Shadrina, Estelle Mossely, Anna Luca Hamori, Rosie Joy Eccles, Busenaz Surmeneli, Oshin Derieuw, Davina-Myrha Michel, Aoife O’Rourke, Billal Bennama, Samet Gumus, Vasile Usturoi, Javier Ibáñez Díaz, Nebil Mahmud Ibrahim, José Quiles, Lasha Guruli, Dean Clancy, Sofiane Oumiha, Richard Kovacs, Makan Traoré, Nikolai Terteryan, Vakhid Abbasov, Tugrulhan Erdemir, Salvatore Cavallaro, Murad Allahverdiyev, Oleksandr Khyzhniak, Gabrijel Veocic, Jack Marley, Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine, Mahammad Abdullayeb, and Delicious Orie secured quotas for their respective NOCs.
Meanwhile, on the breaking stage, the energy was palpable. B-boys and B-girls from all over Europe made the ground vibrate with their impressive moves, proving that hip-hop is also an athletic art. France’s B-boy Dany and Netherlands’ B-girl India secured quotas for their respective NOCs in their categories.
The diving took the excitement to the limit, with Germany, Great Britain and Italy dominating the heights with their perfectly executed jumps. Timo Barthel secured the quota for Germany in the men’s 10m platform event, while Eden Cheng secured it for Great Britain in the women’s 10m platform event. Moritz Wesemann secured it for Germany in the men’s 3m springboard event, and Chiara Pellacani secured it for Italy in the women’s 3m springboard event.
In the tumultuous waters of canoe slalom, Czechia and Germany broke through, demonstrating their mastery over the currents and securing their place at Paris 2024. Jiri Prskavec secured the quota for Czechia in the men’s K1 event, and Ricarda Funk secured it for Germany in the women’s K1 event. Ryan Wesley secured it for Great Britain in the men’s C1 event, and Elena Lilik secured it for Germany in the women’s C1 event.
Meanwhile, the modern pentathlon offered a spectacle of skill and endurance, with athletes from Italy, Spain, Great Britain and more countries demonstrating their versatility in five different disciplines. Various athletes, including Alice Sotero, Laura Heredia, Olivia Green, Laura Asadauskaite, Marie Oteiza, Michelle Gulyas, Annika Zillekens, Lucie Hlavackova, Giorgio Malan, Joseph Choong, Csaba Bohm, Valentin Prades, Marvin Dogue, Lukasz Gutkowski, Oleksandr Tovkai, and Alexandre Dallenbach, secured quotas for their NOCs in both men’s and women’s events.
Rugby 7s Rugby 7s took the intensity to another level, with teams from Great Britain and Ireland showing their strength and determination in every sprint and tackle. Great Britain’s women and Ireland’s men secured quotas for their respective NOCs.
On the range, precision was key. From Turkey to Georgia, athletes showed impressive control over their weapons, securing their place in Olympic history. In various shooting events, quotas were secured for NOCs including Türkiye, Ukraine, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Georgia, Poland, Czechia, and others across different dates of the competition.
Table tennis, with its speed and skill, saw Germany excel once again, securing their place in the mixed doubles. In the mixed doubles event, Dang Qiu and Nina Mittelham represented Germany and secured their quota.
In the canoe slalom, Great Britain and Germany showed their prowess on the water, winning the recognition of all present. For the men’s C1 event, Ryan Wesley secured the quota for Great Britain. In the women’s C1 event, Elena Lilik secured the quota for Germany.
At the end of the Kraków-Małopolska 2023 European Games, as the torch was extinguished, it was clear that these athletes had left their mark on the history of European sport. With tickets in hand for Paris 2024, they are ready to face their next big challenge on the world Olympic stage.

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