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krakow 2023
"Historic Gold"
In a thrilling display of athleticism, Amy Wall has become the first Irish kickboxer to sweep an European Games gold in the 60kg full contact. Her impeccable technique and unwavering determination captivated the audience, marking a significant moment in her career.
"Historical Achievment"
Ireland’s rugby team made headlines with their sensational victory in the European Games final against Great Britain.With flawless skill and teamwork Ireland’s Men Sevens, secured their ticket to Paris, showcasing their mastery of the sport. This makes the 2024 Olympics the first time that both the Female and the Male Ireland’s rugby teams participate together.
"Record-Breaking Shot"
British compound archer Elle Gibson breaks an eight-year-old world record in the women’s 72-arrow 50-metre qualyfiers. Her perfect aim and unwavering confidence propelled her to a 715 score out of the 720 maximum, shattering the previous world record and solidifying her status as an arching sensation.