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In a historic shift for artistic swimming, the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will witness a groundbreaking change, particularly impacting European athletes. For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, men will be eligible to compete in the artistic swimming team event, adding a dynamic twist to the traditional discipline and creating gender parity.

Since its debut at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics, artistic swimming has seen minimal changes. However, the team event at Paris 2024 introduces two significant modifications:

  1. Men’s Eligibility: Paris 2024 sets a milestone by allowing men to participate in the artistic swimming team event. This decision, endorsed by the International Olympic Committee in December 2022, provides male athletes with a platform to make history.
  2. Acrobatic Routine Introduction: Alongside the inclusion of men, the team event will feature an acrobatic routine, injecting fresh excitement and creativity into the traditional artistic swimming format.

At Paris 2024, ten teams, each comprising eight swimmers, will compete in the artistic swimming team event. Italy’s Giorgio Minisini, the first man to participate in a major senior competition during the recent European Games 2023 in Krakow, exemplifies the positive impact of this rule change.

Minisini aided Italy win three medals in the team event – silver in both the technical and free routines; bronze in the acrobatic discipline – adding to the gold in the technical mixed duet and silver in free mixed duet!

Expressing his thoughts on the rule change, Minisini stated, “We are now walking on a path towards inclusivity that will bring hope and opportunities to all athletes in our sport.” European athletes like Minisini and French swimmer Quentin Rakotomalala, aim to challenge stereotypes, emphasising inclusivity and diversity in artistic swimming.

As the Olympics approach, Europe stands at the forefront of this historic change, where men will challenge traditions and contribute to the ongoing evolution of artistic swimming. Paris 2024 promises to be a momentous chapter in the history of the sport, with European athletes playing a leading role in shaping its future.