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The final list of classified teams and pools has been revealed for both the men’s and women’s water polo competition at the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

In the men’s discipline, Europe asserts its dominance with nine out of the twelve classified teams hailing from the continent. Notably, five European nations have earned a spot in both the men’s and women’s disciplines, namely France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and Greece.

The pools for the men’s competition are defined as follows: Pool A boasts a formidable lineup with Croatia, Italy, Romania, USA, Greece, and Montenegro. Meanwhile, Pool B promises intense battles with France, Hungary, Spain, Serbia, Australia, and Japan. The competition promises to be as intense as ever, and with more European presence than ever!

In the women’s discipline, six out of the twelve classified teams are from Europe, further emphasising the continent’s prowess in the sport. The pools for the women’s competition are equally compelling. Pool A features Australia, China, Netherlands, Canada, Hungary, while Pool B showcases France, USA, Italy, Greece, and Spain. A strong lineaup of teams from across the globe ensures a thrilling and unpredictable competition at Paris 2024.

As we approach the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the water polo community is buzzing with excitement. The convergence of elite teams from Europe sets the stage for a truly amazing spectacle. Fans can look forward to witnessing intense battles in the water, and moments of sheer brilliance as the best water polo athletes from around the world vie for Olympic gold.